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Pre-Launch Teaser

It’s just after 11, and you’re driving down the road. Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street” fills the night air. But what ever became of that sax player who belted out the legendary tune? It’s Cool Stories in Music. Mark Thompson will share some of his favorite trivia from the music business.

26 Responses to “Pre-Launch Teaser”

  1. Rudy Salazar says:

    This is going to be the greatest thing EVAH!


  2. Dr. DeBoze says:

    This promises to be as Fun and Entertaining as the “Mark and Lynda Podcast”!
    I, for one, can’t wait!!!

  3. Ellen T says:

    Have been waiting for this site since he 1st talked about it on his pod cast. Mark is wonderful wonderful story teller. You will really enjoy this.

  4. nwatara says:

    You’ll never want the story to end! Mark Thompson keeps you engrossed from the very beginning, because he is an exceptional storyteller and also a Radio God! It doesn’t even matter what the story is about there are a couple of things you should know straight up front: 1) Every story somehow leads back to Elvis Presley 2) You are going to learn something you didn’t know 3) You will never want to miss one episode. So do yourself a favor and subscribe already!

  5. LarryW says:

    Such goodness.

  6. chrisann says:

    Mark has a magical way of telling stories totally luring one in and hate to have it end.

  7. QuirkyB says:

    I am so going to love this. I don’t know how he does it (Well, yes I do. He is a radio God) but he has a wonderful way of telling stories that just draws you in and you don’t want it to end!

  8. khornsby says:

    You have kept me entertained for years and looks like you’ll continue to do so in this format. let’s go!!

  9. jude says:

    Bless ya, Skeeter!

  10. mikebrum says:

    Looking forward to another great program from you guys!

  11. karenmblott says:

    Good Lord.
    Mark,you had me at the first “bet you didn’t know” on the podcast. I was mesmerized.
    I just LOVE this stuff!

  12. tmjackso says:

    Love the way Mark tells stories – all of these are both entertaining and surprising; and you’ll learn some very interesting facts about musical artists, with all of the quality we expect and appreciate from the M&L Studios.

  13. gfksimi says:

    Great stories by mark
    very knowledgeble

  14. ttichenor says:

    Loved the Cool stories in music and the Mark and Lynda podcast. So easy to sign up- good work Jordan.

  15. Cat says:

    Another wonderful podcast from “The Radio God”! I love every minute of these….. and he is right! I didn’t know. Keep em coming Mark!

  16. psblondie2 says:

    Looking through the comments everyone has said it all. I had all of these thoughts in my head and now I’m just going to agree with everyone…
    Starting with Elvis, is he really gone? He’s been gone so long, but somehow he still plays a part in everything. The Radio God has come up with a new phenomenal podcast. The stories are just magical the way you tell them. I can feel the excitement in your voice. Love every minute of them. Can’t wait to hear more.

  17. latnjazfan says:

    Mark Thompson: I am very glad you have started this podcast!! Really liked your first show about Johnny Rivers. As you reveal interesting stories about the stars – please don’t forget to include tales about my real musical heros – the backup musicians and the studio cats. How would the hit records have been recorded without the talents of folks like The Wrecking Crew?!?

    Thanks again and keep the casts coming.

  18. Leslie Wyckoff says:

    Mark Thompson has the best voice on the air. Coupled with an engaging story telling style, this show will be first rate. He is fun to listen to and I always learn something that I otherwise would never have known. Love the M&L podcast! It is the best podcast out there!!

  19. mark mcgee says:


  20. sbgorges says:

    We’ll Mark you have another hit on your hands, enjoy listing to both podcast. Keep up the great stories coming…..

  21. bigkahunajd says:

    We really enjoyed this. A cross between Casey Kasem and Paul Harvey (The Rest of the Story). Terri and Jay Decker

  22. crzyshamrock says:

    Mark, all I can say is you are indeed the radio god!! I love your podcast and this show rocks!! Lynda and Jordan add so much! You make my day every time I listen which is every day! I am dark when ya’ll go dark; even though I know you need and deserve time off!! Love ya! Pat

  23. Wifey in Orcutt says:

    Thank you Mark, yet another totally captivating story. You weave the information and the music so effortlessly that before I know it another hour and half or more has passed, and yet I am left wanting you to continue with another story. I so enjoyed these “Bet’cha Didn’t Knows” on the Mark and Lynda Podcast, but know they do deserve their own shining spot.
    I will spread the word and share the gift you have given all of your loyal listeners. Thanks again!

  24. KD6IGI says:

    My wife and I love what comes out of the M an L studios keep it up guys from San Pedro California. thanks

  25. carps14 says:

    Just signed up and am really looking forward to this! Thank you

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